Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Day After Valentine's Day

So you'd think the day after Valentine's Day would be no big deal because the big day is over and we go back to our normal lives. Well, Daddy decided he wanted to come over to cook up our leftovers from our dinner the night before. I had given him a key to my apartment a few weeks before so it was no problem for him to come by while I was at the gym.

I arrived home from the gym to find him setting up an elaborate candle-lit dinner table. He'd moved the flowers he'd gotten me to the table, along with one of the cards he'd gotten me and had set the table with some salad and had the leftover steak in the oven to reheat. I had actually not seen his car outside so before I walked in the door, I had been feeling rather glum because I thought he hadn't been able to make it over for some reason. But when I opened the door and it wasn't locked, I stepped inside all excited. And when I saw what he was setting up, I grinned ear to ear.

After hugging and kissing him, I changed out of my gym clothes and right back into the purple babydoll that he liked so much but I put underwear on this time since we were eating. He helped me with my chair and we sat down and ate our leftovers and discussed the night before. I told him about my thoughts about why I had felt like the yoga/fetch scene actually wasn't as humiliating as I'd thought it would be. Then I also mentioned that I had been a really good girl and that I liked making Daddy happy but sometimes I did want some sort of punishment...or maybe more of a 'funishment'.

At the same time, I didn't want to mess up on purpose and make him disappointed in me so maybe he could give me some impossible tasks or something to give him an excuse to punish me or he could simply do so 'because he can'. After dinner, I got down from the table and kneeled next to him, he pushed his chair out from the table so I could crawl under the table and kneel in front of him, laying my head on his lap.

We kept on talking and he started talking about chocolates for valentine's Day and he was talking about some chocolate places and I think he was trying to say Ghiradelli but he ended up saying Ghirbaldi and I just started cracking up. And that was my word for the night....I couldn't stop saying it. He was laughing about it too but then he said I was going to get punished for that. Haha!

We went into the bedroom and he found my paddle brush again and as I laid face down on the bed, he straddled my waist, facing my ass and began paddling my ass. My legs were soon kicking and I was squirming and moaning. Gosh that thing hurts! Then he stopped and we both admired my nice red ass. He didn't have his toy bag at my place so we ended up using a bondage kit I had on hand instead as he tied me on my back with my legs up in the air again.

I was afraid he was going to use my cunt again because it was still SO sore and so I asked him "Are you going to fuck my ass, Daddy?" and he said "No I don't think so." And I thought for a few more moments as he was still getting ready and said "Because my cunt is still very sore". And he said "ooooh that's right." He paused a minute and then said "Nope too bad little girl, I'm still fucking your cunt. You need to get used to this whenever I want it."

Part of me was scared and part of me was so completely turned on that he was going to do something against my wishes. I submitted though and he went slow at hurt a little but once the rhythm was going, it was just fine and I breathed easier.....or rather, moaned. At some point, he added more lube and switched to fucking my ass instead continually whispering in my ear. He'd go slow and I'd whine "Daddy fuck my ass!" and he'd pound his cock faster into my ass. At one point, he stopped and asked "Is that going too deep?" and me in a bit of a daze, said something like "I---I---Dunno". In my head I was thinking "yes a little too deep but don't stop!" lol.

Finally, he pulled out and after removing the condom, he moved my head to the edge of the bed again and started fucking my mouth and throat some too. After a little bit, he moved my head back to the pillow and fucked my mouth from there and came down my throat. He untied me and we got ready for bed, just another day after valentine's day. *giggle*

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our First Valentine's Day Together

Daddy and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day evening. The night was started by me going to the gym to do yoga. When I got back from yoga, I saw Daddy's car outside (I think he'd just arrived). I was tempted to run over to him but I decided he probably wanted to bring flowers to my door so I'd best instead hurry up to my apartment, which I did. I then began hurriedly changing from yoga clothes back into the nice red dress I'd worn to work that day.

When Daddy came to the door, I was not quite ready yet but I answered the door and he had a bouquet of roses/flowers in his hand. I smiled and hugged him close and kissed him. I hadn't seen him in a whole three days! I went back to getting ready and when I came back out, he had set a card on the counter and on the envelope it was marked in big letters: PRINCESS.

I then gave him my present, a sonnet I had written for him, framed with a picture of us from our Bed and Breakfast trip last month, and of course a card marked Daddy. We both ended up reading our cards at the same time and between the card saying that I was "the perfect woman for [him]" and his own writing inside the card saying I was "the best girlfriend [he's] ever had", my eyes were brimming with tears. I went over and put my arms around him as he read the rest of my card and all the writing I had written inside. Then Daddy popped the cork on a bottle of Cupcake champagne and we toasted to a glass before we left for dinner.

When we went down to the car, before we got in, I slipped off my black panties and handed them to Daddy, who seemed a bit surprised. I couldn't help but giggle. But then I was the one who was surprised when I saw there was yet ANOTHER bouquet of roses/flowers and ANOTHER card in his car, this one marked LITTLE GIRL. I might very well have squeee'd with joy. =) Daddy helped me into the car as I juggled the flowers, the card, my clutch, and the teddy bear that always rides with me in his car. And then we zoomed off.

We arrived at the Keg and found a fairly close parking spot in a very busy lot; luck was working well for us that night. I was glad because the new heels I had purchased for the occasion were not the most comfortable and needed to be broken in. We went inside and were seated after only a short wait time, thanks to our reservation. The waiter was great, the food was magnificent, and the best part of the whole meal was simply being there together; I think we both can agree on that.

By the time we were in the car driving back to my place, we realized it had been two whole hours at dinner; that surprised both of us because the time had just flown by. When we got home, he took the panties I'd given him out of his pocket and stuffed them into my mouth and walked me up to my apartment. He removed the panties and I found another vase and put the second set of flowers into it and set it next to the first vase. Daddy said he had to go use the restroom and brush his teeth but then he had 'plans' for tonight. I smiled knowingly; I had been hoping he'd need a moment so I could sneak away, slip out of my dress and into a brand new purple babydoll that we'd talked about previously.

When I walked out of the bedroom to find him in the living room, I only had the babydoll on and nothing else. He seemed pretty pleased about that. He said he was going to brush my hair so he said to get him a hair brush. I went and got the paddle brush I have and he seemed quite amused that it was called a 'paddle' brush. I giggled at that too, having not really thought about it before.

He sat on the couch and had me sit with my back to him in between his legs on the floor and he brushed my hair, eventually brushing them and securing them into two side pigtails. I have to admit that I wondered how it would look with Daddy doing it but later in the evening, when I saw myself in the mirror, I was astonished to find that I looked quite adorable. He did a good job. He then proceeded in turning me around and grabbing me by the pigtails and forcing my mouth down on his cock. He pushed me all the way down to where I couldn't breathe and counted to ten and then let me up. I took a big breath and he did it again.

Then Daddy got up and told me "I don't often give you actual 'orders' but tonight I'm ordering you to stay on all fours for the evening". I swear my pussy clenched at the thought and I nodded and said "yes Daddy". He then proceeded to take out some old beat up high heels and some electrician's tape and began taping my hands into the heels.

When he was done I had heels for hands and could not get them off. Then he tied a tight collar with a cowbell on it around my neck and connected a thick leash to it. He half drug me to my second bedroom and drug me around the room while I tried to explain what parts of the room I had cleaned for him a few days before. Then he drug me back to the living room again. I've been drug/led around by a collar before but it's usually been rather was kind of a nice feeling having it feel so much tighter.

I then sat there on all fours and watched as he readied a few things. He got a pad of paper and a pen out and put on a purple rubber glove (which he usually fingered my cunt with). I was a bit confused as to what his plan was until he produced a little squishy baseball.

"Alright princess, tonight's your night." he said and suddenly I knew what was going to happen. He had previously talked about doing a scene where he would throw a ball and I would have to fetch it on all fours, bring it back to him with it in my mouth, and do a yoga move (keeping it in my mouth) that would show him my cunt. He said if I did this twelve times with twelve different yoga moves successfully, he would give me a really good cunt pounding but if I failed, he would give me a good punishment. All in all, I wondered whether winning or losing was better but I wanted to do my best for Daddy.

As he threw the ball across the room, I scrambled after it, grabbing it with my mouth, and quickly crawling back to him, half smiling, half blushing. I then did the first yoga move and found out what the glove was for as he used it to violate my cunt a few times before I could come out of the move and give him the ball back. He had me put my back to him and watch the ball so I knew where it went and he threw it again. Indeed, we did this twelve times and somehow I managed to do twelve different yoga moves, although doing some of them (tripod headstand for instance) with heels on my hands were quite difficult and Daddy did oblige in helping hold me up for those. One of the times, I put the ball into his shoe and brought his shoe back....we both laughed at that.

I really surprised myself. I didn't feel as humiliated as I thought I would and I think there may have been a few factors to that. One, I wanted to please Daddy and there was no end to smiling and laughing on his part every time I came back with the ball in my mouth. Two, it was just the two of us there so in a way, it was just between us and so less humiliating. Three, I had been given at least a month to think about this scene and plan for it. When he'd first told me about it, I did not like the idea at all but over time, I became more and more ok with it.

And so when he set down a dog bowl of cheerios, telling me to eat some, I did so willingly as well. I did feel silly and I did feel degraded and humiliated to a point but not very much, probably for similar reasons as above. Daddy told me I'd done a great job and so he said it was time for my reward. He started off by wetting his cock with my throat some and then he turned me around and on my hands and knees, head laying against the couch, he fucked me doggy style. How appropriate. =)

After that, he had me lay on my back with my legs up in the air and tried to pound my cunt good from there but we had trouble with the floor and my hands were timing out from being in the heels for so long. So he cut the tape off the heels, once again connected a leash to my collar and let me into the bedroom. There he had me lay on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed and he stood over me, pushing his cock into my mouth and down my throat.

I took his cock all the way down and tried not to breathe but that of course only goes so long, when I had to breathe again I tried to move my head down to back my throat/mouth away and could barely get it out enough to slightly breathe but I could not get it all the way out. God that was hot. He did that for a few more minutes but then when I felt like it was going to go too far (and maybe a little something did come up but I swallowed it again), I turned my head to the side to get his cock all the way out and began panting. Steak dinner and alcohol do not make for a good combination for a puke-less deep throat session so we decided not to chance it more.

He moved my head back to the pillow, put my legs up in the air and began fucking my cunt relentlessly again. As he did so, he sucked on my neck and I moaned all the louder. He whispered in my ear about an enema scene we've been talking about, going into great detail and turning me on even more. At some point, he moved back and pulled me along with him and we changed positions such that I was on top of him. He helped me get a rhythm going up and down on his cock and God it felt so good. Every time I came down on his cock, my clit smacked right against him too so when he started sucking on my nipples too, I was in heaven. I remember thinking to myself "Oh God I can't stop" and that made it even hotter.

I must have been doing something right because though Daddy might have had other plans, he ended up coming inside my cunt that way. I slowed down to stop and we held each other for a few minutes before getting up. As I got ready for bed, I was surprised with how much my cunt hurt. I had never felt my cunt so sore in my life. I might have needed some lube near the end of that last bit there. Then I noticed that my knees were very much red with rugburn. I put aloe on them and took an ibuprofen and we cuddled into bed and fell asleep.

So as you can see it was quite the Valentine's Day for us. =)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sonnet for Daddy on Valentine's Day

There once was a girl who was all alone,
she dated and dated with no outcome,
whether they were rude or a boring drone,
nothing seemed to click for a life tandem.
Until one day she met a special man,
in a very unconventional way,
between sex and bondage, a love began,
with their hearts meeting equally halfway.
When she opens the door to see his face,
she hugs him so tight and happily grins,
flexing his muscles makes her heart race,
every part of her man, she knows she wins.
With a true love, he's someone she adores,
Daddy, this little girl's completely yours.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Deep Throat Breath Play

Once again, this is erotica between two consensual adults.

I wake suddenly. Groggily I try to get my bearings but my eyes are filled with sleep. I begin to reach up to rub my eyes when I realize I can't. I wriggle slightly and find that I cannot move my body at all. I seem to be able to move my head but my body is tightly pressed together inside of something, a bondage sack? My eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness and I see I'm in a bed and ---

Suddenly hands grab me by the hair and pull my head off the side of the bed. I scream in surprise before realizing it's Daddy. "It's ok little girl. Daddy needs to use your pretty little throat now." I barely have a chance to feel relieved before my mouth is pressed open to receive his cock. I automatically try to squirm but my hands and feet are pressed so tightly together that it feels more like a pathetic wriggle. The helplessness of my situation causes my pussy to heat up and I feel its juices begin to seep.

He pushes his cock in slowly and then pulls out before pushing in deeper. I can't help but moan, knowing I'm pleasing Daddy but my moans are cut short as he suddenly pushes the cock past my sinus airway and down my throat. I can't breathe, let alone moan and more pathetic wriggles spasm from my body.

He pulls out enough for me to get one quick breath before ramming his cock all the way back down my throat again, holding it there. "It's ok princess, if you can't take it, you know you can always reach up with your hand and tap out." he snickers knowing I can do no such thing. All I can do is take his cock down my throat over and over, trying to breathe in between thrusts. I can feel the spit building up in my mouth and my sinuses are clogging up from being upside down.

He grabs my tits through the bondage sack and speeds up his rhythm, deciding he doesn't need to pay attention to my breathing. He moans with pleasure feeling my mouth and throat and all of its juices around his cock. I find myself in a state of panic and my gag reflex is starting to get the better of me because I'm not getting enough time to catch my breath. My panicked state gets worse when I realize I'm going to puke. I suddenly tilt my head to the side causing his cock to bend and slip out, heaving something up. I struggle to catch my breath, breathing heavily as gooey saliva flows down the side of my face and tears run down from my eyes.

Daddy looks down at me for a moment and says "Ok little girl, puking isn't a safeword." He then grabs me with both hands on either side of my head and shoves his cock back down my throat and holds it there. "This is good training for you. You need to learn your place. When I need to use your throat you need to be available for Daddy." The breath I've been holding runs out way too fast and I gag and try to struggle but his hands holding my head there mean no air for me. I thrash about more but his strong hands just hold his cock deep in my throat tighter. My pussy flares up knowing I cannot get away, spraying its juices between my compressed legs, orgasm building. My whole body feels like it's going to burst and yet the pressure only keeps building until finally my orgasm hits me like a tidal wave but I still can't moan or breathe.....I hear screaming in my head and find myself in a place between pleasure and pain, life and death, and time seems to stand still. Then after what feels like eons, the light starts to fade and I start to feel light headed.

Suddenly Daddy lets go and pulls out and I instinctively turn my head to the side and feel my chest heave while trying to take in air at the same time. My heavily heaving breath is met by wads of spit and snot, among other things. As I catch my breath, Daddy smiles down at me "You naughty girl, I didn't say you could cum." He snickers though and I'm too busy catching my breath and trying to understand what just happened to even smile back at him. The compressed area between my legs feels like a sticky ocean and electricity feels like it's going through all of my limbs at once.

He continues smiling and says: "Look at you! Your face is covered with spit and your mascara is running down your face and yet you're still my beautiful little princess cum slut." I smile back at him, still trying to catch my breath and clear my throat. "And now that you're throat is thoroughly lubed up, it's time for you to swallow my cum. I know you like that and you know it's what you were meant to do." he says. My pussy perks up again at his words and I nod, excited again.

 He grabs me by the hair on either side of my head like two handle bars and slips his cock halfway in, just to the back of my mouth. "Now what do you say?" I respond with "I wuuw oo Ahh-eee" and he smiles and says "I love you too princess" pushing his cock the rest of the way down my throat again. He doesn't hold it there long though but begins fucking my throat with a faster rhythm, his balls slapping my nose over and over, as he moans in his own pleasure and my pussy continues to get even more wet.

I find myself losing my breath again as his cock pounds down my throat. I struggle and wriggle but my body is still so tightly compressed...there is no escape and that only makes my clit twitch more. My jaw aches and my throat feels so sore but I can't stop it. This is what I was meant for.

With a final thrust, his cock finds its way deeper down my throat than its ever been, his balls finding their way to my upper lip. Once again I can't breathe at all. He groans, pressing harder and I feel his cock contract over and over as jets of cum shoot down my throat. My wiggles turn frantic again as my pussy's fraught with another orgasm, Daddy's come shooting down my throat for what feels like a thousand years.

He finally pulls out and I turn my head, my chest heaving again over and over, catching my breath and purging anything in the way. Daddy smiles at me and grabs a towel. He wipes the spit and cum and makeup and puke off my face and pushes me over on the bed to where my head is on a pillow again. He gets into bed and cuddles next to me, still in the bondage sack, whispering "Good girl. Very good girl." I am still breathing heavily but I smile and rest my head on his shoulder, the best I can.

My throat is on fire and my legs are completely soaked but I'm too exhausted to even speak. Daddy gives me a sip of water before cuddling back in. We both drift off to sleep, and my last thought is that the bondage sack is going to need a good washing.