Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving in

So Daddy and I are moving in together. Wow! I'm so excited I can barely think about anything else. It's going to be happening by the end of the month too, which once again shows that once I put my mind to something, there's no reason to keep waiting. =)

Originally we had planned to take things a bit more slow. Although he had suggested months ago that eventually it might be nice if I could move in and feel a bit of a release from the heavy rent and utility costs I pay, my main concern at the time was the commute to work. He lives about 20-30 minutes farther away from my work than I currently do and that's without traffic. So we had started to look at condos and apartments but it was going to be quite a decision with lots of variables to worry about for not just moving into a new place but moving out of his current house.

It seemed it would be another year or more before we could finally live together and I knew this when I renewed my apartment lease last month. I've been spending more time with him at his place recently and for some reason the other day it just hit me. I couldn't wait that long. I needed to be with him. I see him 2-4 times a week but even being apart from him as little as I am, it often has felt like the grand canyon of time spans in between visits.

Frankly, my friends have suffered as well. New relationship energy is known for taking someone away from their friends only to spend more time with a new and exciting partner. I guess I'm hoping that by living together and seeing him everyday, it will free up some time for me to hang out with some of my friends a little more as well. 

So the other day we ended up discussing how it could work in detail. I'd move in and we'd still figure things out over the next couple years. We would make his place our home but we would also keep the idea in the back of our mind that in a year or two, we may want to move somewhere else. I worked out the commute issues by deciding to work an earlier shift to avoid traffic and it looks like breaking my lease won't be terribly burdensome, even in the worst case scenario. So over the next couple weeks, I'll be packing and downsizing a bit and finally moving.

It will be interesting living together. The many facets of our relationship already have very blurry boundaries in between them. Seeing each other everyday is going to blur those boundaries even more, I think. Though we've already run into a few landmines because of that, we have yet to have a real argument. I've lived with people before and I know that if there was ever a time to get into arguments, it would be after moving in together. That being said, I think we're both ready. We're committed, in love, and willing to work through whatever comes our way.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Meaning of my Collar

In a play scene early on in our relationship, Daddy locked a dog choke chain around my neck. When the play scene was over, I kept the collar on. This signified the beginning of some of our more D/s oriented facets. Later on, I purchased a heart shaped lock and used that with the choke chain instead of Daddy's lock. This became my collar which I wore whenever we were with each other (except for certain occasions like the ballet).

We had talked about other collars early on and he seemed to want to get me a black leather collar with purple satin lining. Something that was well made. At the time, I can remember researching lots of other collars online including purple dyed leather with sparkly gems and the like. At some point, I realized that if I was going to wear Daddy's collar, I needed to trust and submit to him on the design. Once I made that decision in my head, we decided on the simple black leather with purple satin lining and we promptly sat on the idea for months. =)

At some point we spoke to our local sex toy maker about such a thing and he said while he didn't have purple satin on hand, if we bought the material, he could have it made. Another month or two went by and Daddy and I finally went shopping for the satin and brought it over to our friend soon after.

In the weeks that have followed while I've waited for the collar to be made, I've wondered what the significance of this new collar would mean to us. I had often dubbed my current collar my 'consideration collar' because it was so casually and playfully given. This new collar felt like it was going to be more permanent and I wanted to give it some sort of special meaning.

Early on in my time exploring kink, I'd read about collaring ceremonies and how they compared to weddings. I had always imagined the possibility of being part of one with the man I love someday almost as much as I had imagined the day I'd wear the symbolic white dress. With the new collar in the making, I wondered if it was time for Daddy and I to vow to each other in Dominance and submission. Upon reading about other peoples' experiences and vows however, I felt a definite difference in feelings.

Would I be expected to pledge my full submission to him in everything I did? Was I really ready for such a commitment myself? And was Daddy really ready for the maintenance and responsibility that could potentially be required?

My first reaction was to write it all off. Daddy and I have a very multi-faceted relationship. In one moment, we can be the most romantic vanilla couple enjoying time together at the ballet and in another I can be down on my hands and knees as he fucks my ass while telling me what a good pony girl I am. With that in mind, I felt like the D/s side of our relationship has been very light-hearted backed by a very gentle and romantic kind of love. Could I really pledge my undying submission to him then? And would I really want to? How would that change our current relationship?

I did end up mentioning the possibility of a collaring ceremony to Daddy and to my utmost surprise, he smiled. He seemed very onboard with the idea and I decided to do some more research. All the while, I couldn't quite understand why my heart was in knots over what it all would mean.

Yesterday, I finally worked it out in my head. There didn't have to be a collaring ceremony. It was just a new collar. It didn't have to mean we had to say vows to each other and it definitely didn't mean we had to change the dynamic that was working so well for us in so many ways. I think I started to get caught up in what I thought collars mean to the community and maybe I was trying to go through with something I thought would be respected by the community when in fact, I didn't really need to answer to anybody but myself and my Daddy.

I mentioned all of this to Daddy after I'd processed it all and he seemed pretty relieved. He said he'd wondered if I was trying to bite off more than I could chew but was always willing to try to do whatever he could to make me happy. He also said he really liked the sentiment of making vows to each other. I told him that I thought for us that may simply be a wedding. And who knows, maybe later on in our relationship we will choose to have a collaring ceremony and maybe it will or will not change the dynamic we share together. 

All I know now is that we don't have to make such a change or say such vows right now. He's simply giving me a new collar and our love will continue to blossom as we grow together in the dynamic that works extremely well for us.