Little Princess' Rules

Daddy and I slowly went from Top/bottom to Daddy/little girl to Boyfriend/girlfriend to Dom/sub...and we kind of keep all of those facets intact. But one of the things we did start setting up was some rules. Daddy's main kink is control and my main kink is helplessness so in some ways we really work well together.

These will get updated as time goes by, no doubt

My Rules
1. I will obey Daddy at all times.
2. I will exercise at the gym for at least 4 hours a week.
3. I will be in bed for bedtime by 9pm on work nights unless I have special permission from Daddy.
4. I will not text and drive.
5. I will always have my collar on when Daddy comes to my place or I go to his.
6. I will not pick my nose, blush
7. I will have my mouth, my cunt, and my ass available for Daddy’s cock anytime he likes.
8. I will kneel at Daddy’s side and grab his leg (with all my might) whenever he asks.
9. I will not masturbate without asking Daddy's permission.
10. If Daddy is fucking my cunt or my ass then panties must be stuffed into my mouth.

If I fail to follow one of my rules in a major way or fail to do so multiple times
1. Daddy will have to strap me into his stocks and beat my ass with his belt severely.

If I fail to follow a rule once or a minor rule
1. I will have to write repeated sentences saying I will follow that rule.
2. I will be caged with no cell phone for a period of time.

1. Daddy will spank me with the paddle brush.
2. I'll have a timeout coloring on the floor or doing a puzzle.