Friday, January 20, 2012

Missing the Amazing Plateau

Lately I've been pondering orgasm. I've had a few different sensations in my lifetime thus far that I equate with some kind of orgasm. They are as follows:

1. The mountain peak: building up to an orgasm that lasts around 2-5 seconds and slowly dwindles away
2. The firecracker-dud: building up to an orgasm that doesn't quite get's almost there and then it's just...gone.
3. The amazing plateau: building up, a longer build up, to an orgasm that breaks free and lasts 10-15 seconds and takes about an hour to come down from the euphoric feeling it leaves behind.

I've probably experienced sensation #1 most often in my life and #3 only once or twice ever. Lately I have felt neither though. Sex and masturbation have both felt great and amazing but nothing that really seems to build up at all. Or when it does, it fades away as quickly as it came.

I wouldn't say I'm depressed about it but it is a little perplexing. I read about girls who experience multiple orgasms or can orgasm on command and I just can't even begin to imagine. I've been wondering if something is holding me back; something in my mind. A girlfriend of mine told me that she had a friend who had never really orgasmed and after exploring things with her therapist, she finally was able to. So I've pondered going to some kind of sex-therapist.

Then again, maybe it's as simple as not masturbating. Maybe I masturbate too much. Thinking back to the times when I did experience sensation #3, I didn't really masturbate back fact I would go 2-3 months without doing it. Nowadays, I find myself doing it every other day.

Maybe I need Daddy to make a rule, forcing me not to masturbate unless he says so. That in itself makes me feel tingly all over. =)


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