Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two of a Kind

I meet you at the door and rush into your arms
you hold me and kiss me and smile so wide
We step outside and you lock my front door
arm-in-arm, happy feet match our smiles
You open the door and I get in your car
teddy bears inside all greet me with smiles
The radio knows the songs of our hearts
you laugh as teddy bear legs sing along
I'm your princess and you are my Daddy
we're two of a kind Daddy, two of a kind.

You lovingly caress every part of my skin
while I squirm and giggle and moan
you bind me in knots of rope and love
making my heart flutter and my pussy ache
your hands find their way into my hair
and the collar on my neck presses in
you fuck me to bliss and spank me to tears
I've given up my control to you in many ways
I'm your submissive, you're my master
we're two of a kind Daddy, two of a kind.

You see the reality where I see dreams
my doubt and your hope, shake hands
your mature complements my playful
my helplessness balances your control
our dedication, compromise, and trust
lay the foundation of this relationship
Your strong body and my fragile frame
are like perfect puzzle pieces made to fit
We are partners in this place we call life
destined to be special, two of a kind.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I really like it!