Friday, March 22, 2013

Paths of Change

Well it's been a while and a lot of things have changed. I guess it's all about priorities. Since moving in with Daddy, we've tended to mold into your everyday husband and wife lifestyle. There's still our Daddy/little girl relationship at our core but as far as any real D/s, it only happens in the bedroom and during play.

Some part of me still ponders what it would be like to have a more D/s oriented lifestyle and yet I think the closer we get romantically, the harder it is for us to try to implement real D/s protocol. Daddy got a new job recently as well and that has changed some things too. No longer is he the primary cook in the house (cooking for his little girl) but since I work from home, I cook my own lunch and try to have dinner semi-ready for him when he gets home. Most recently, he's going on a business trip and has had to show me how to work the wood stove as well.

Another interesting turn has been in some of our 'forced puppy play', I bought a puppy hood for him to use on me and we've played with it a couple times. I have never really been a fan of hoods because I guess I feel like it takes away one of my main features that I feel is beautiful about me: my face. Yet Daddy gets off on it because it's a very submissive and bondage oriented thing. Yet when we played with the puppy hood, we both didn't seem to like it as well. Daddy said he noticed that he didn't look at my face as much whereas when we've done puppy play before, it was just with a snout and head harness so you could very clearly see my eyes.

Daddy's known this for a while but as we have played together and he has painted pictures in my head with what we call 'story time', I have come to truly realize that fantasy really is better than reality. Any of the stories he paints get me off thinking about them and yet trying to implement most of them for real in any way often ends up more disappointing than anything.

So it's kind of interesting that we met under kinky circumstances and yet we've ended up traveling down a more romantic than kinky path when it comes to our lifestyle together.

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