Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Drink some water"

The following is fictional erotica between two consenting adults involving ageplay and bladder control.

Like many things it started with alcohol. Daddy and I had been out with some friends, Jake and Kylie, for lunch and I found myself having have had way too much to drink. We pulled up to my apartment and Daddy immediately told me: "Make sure you drink a lot of water, princess. That was a lot of alcohol for a little girl to consume." I replied with "yes daddy" but it was a little slurred so it sounded more like "Yesh Dyadhee".

We went up to my apartment and cuddled on the couch while we watched an episode of television. Midway through the episode, Daddy reminded me to drink some water again and I affirmed him with a similar response but did not get up. A couple more times throughout the show, he reminded me again and I finally got up and filled a glass with water and sat back down. Daddy was so warm and cozy though that I set the glass down and forgot about it instantly.

When the tv episode was over, Daddy turned to me and sternly said: "Princess, I asked you three times to drink some water and you still have not done so. You know it's for your own good and yet you disobeyed me three times. For this, you will receive a punishment but first, I will have to hydrate you myself." His words sobered me up and I reached for the glass of water, hoping to help the situation by finally starting to drink some water but he grabbed my hand and said "No. It's too late for that. We will do it MY way now." I was suddenly afraid of what he could mean and yet the commanding tone of his voice made my pussy clench.

He took the glass from me and went to the cupboard and retrieved a 32 oz water bottle. He filled that full of water and handed it to me, saying "I'm going to the car to get some equipment. I better come back here to find you, in nothing but your panties, kneeling on the floor and this water bottle empty...and don't even think of emptying it into the sink because I will know and then your punishment will be ten times worse." I gasped and took it from him. What equipment could he possibly need?

I quickly stripped down and kneeled on the living room floor.  I tried to down the water bottle all at once but about 2/3 way through it, I had to stop. While I waited for my stomach to shift enough for me to drink the rest of it, my mind was doing cartwheels wondering what Daddy had in store for me. It was unlike him to want to do anything in the bathroom and the only equipment we usually used was rope. I heard footsteps outside the door and quickly started downing the last little bit. As Daddy opened the door, I had just finished the water.

My relief at having finished in time was quickly cut short as I felt the rumbling of my tummy from all of that water. My bladder had already begun to go crazy because of the alcohol I had consumed but now I had just added more liquid. "Daddy can I use the toilet please before we start?" I asked. "No you may not, princess." he said with a smile, "you get no privileges right now, not even bathroom privileges." Oh God. What had I gotten myself into?

It was only then that I noticed that Daddy was holding his toy bag in one hand and a large plastic bag in the other; I couldn't see what was in the bag. He set both bags down and walked over to where I was kneeling, suddenly grabbing a fistful of my hair and forcing me to look up at him. "You may not like what I'm going to do to you but it's your own fault for not listening." He moved his other hand down into my panties to my cunt, which was already practically dripping from his words alone, laughed, and said "then again, maybe you will like it." I blushed profusely.

He let go of me long enough to open the toy bag and bring out some white rope. This type of thing I was familiar with although it was beginning to be hard to concentrate thanks to my bladder reminding me of the fact that I had consumed a lot of liquid and not yet been able to purge it. He also took out what looked like a prescription drug bottle from his pocket, popped one pill out into his hand and after refilling the 32oz bottle of water, instructed me to take the pill with some water.

Again, this was quite different than anything we normally did but I not only trusted Daddy with my heart but also my body so I obediently did as he asked and downed the pill with the smallest amount of water from the bottle I could manage. My stomach churned and my bladder continued to fight for my attention and I continued to try to ignore it and concentrate on what Daddy was doing.

He began tying me up using a chest harness and tying my calves to my thighs which ended up putting me into a basic frog tie. He also added a box tie to keep my arms behind my back. This was something else I was pretty familiar with and yet I found myself twitching and struggling slightly due to my bladder's continued imploring. I also realized that the tie kept my legs farther apart and the urgency of my bladder was turning into the urgency of my kegel muscles to hold everything back. This would not be good.

"Daddy I'm serious I really need to go to the bathroom. I don't know how much longer I can hold it." I whined trying but failing to turn around to look at him. I heard his response very softly and close to my ear: "That's the idea, princess. Just remember, the predicament you are in is your fault for not listening to me." My pussy unwillingly clenched and I let out a soft moan but then had to immediately turn my attention back to my kegels to hold back what already seemed like grand coolie dam just waiting to burst and Daddy just laughed as he straddled me from behind, his hips holding me down.

This position was also familiar but that would mean he planned to tickl--- my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sudden jab of his fingers on the sides of my ribs and I shrieked involuntarily, letting go of my urethral muscles for just a second before remembering what I was holding back. I felt a tiny bit of wetness in my panties but wasn't sure if some urine had escaped or if it was simply the natural wetness of my cunt. Either way I was already embarrassed. I struggled to catch my breath from just that one jab but he wasn't waiting for me to recover before he started tickling the sides of my ribs and up to my armpits.

I became a struggling mess of moans, shrieks, and pleading. "Daddy no! stop! I'm really going to go pee! You don't understand! I can't help it!" He did not however stop at all but instead responded very seriously "You BETTER NOT pee your panties little girl or I will be VERY ANGRY." I was suddenly very confused. Why did he not let me go to the bathroom before tying me up if he didn't want me to pee my panties in the first place? I didn't know but I couldn't continue thinking about it since my thoughts had to stay extremely focused on keeping back the raging river. A battle that was losing ground very quickly.

His tickling was relentless and it only got worse. Finally, I could hold back no longer and I screamed as my cunt spasmed uncontrollably while the flowing urine coated and soaked my panties. Tears came to my eyes in humiliation as the pressure from my bladder was finally released. Daddy stopped tickling me, stood up, crossed his arms, looking down at me with a frown.

"You really pissed your panties, little girl? You know only little girls piss their panties. That's why they're not allowed to wear big girl panties. Maybe you need to wear what little girls wear." He chided at me. I looked up at him, tears rolling down my cheeks, pleading eyes praying he wasn't serious. What I saw when I looked up was Daddy holding an adult diaper. My eyes grew wide in disbelief. He couldn't be serious? Would my humiliation ever end? And yet his mocking words and the humiliation of it all made my pussy clench in anticipation. What was wrong with me? I didn't want this!

Daddy kneeled down and untied my legs and let me stretch them out while he went and got a towel and some carpet cleaner. After removing my soaking panties and discarding them, he laid the diaper down and rolled me onto my back, scooting my bum down into place. He wiped my cunt and ass off with a baby wipe and grabbed a bottle of baby powder nearby and covered my cunt in powder. Then he pulled the front of the diaper up and taped the back to the front, enclosing it upon my crotch.

"There you go, little girl. All safe and sound now, you don't have to worry about making another mess now." My face turned very red and I whimpered and yet my clitoris perked up causing me to turn another shade of red. He untied my arms as well and told me to "clean up my mess". I vigorously scrubbed at the spot on the carpet on my hands and knees while he stood by and watched. "You know, little girl, your diaper gives your butt an extra cute wiggle when you do that." he smiled and I whimpered some more, stopping to look up at him with the best pout I could manage.

He simply laughed and said "Such a cute little girl. Hurry up and finish cleaning up the mess you made. I have more plans for you still." More plans? What? Wasn't this bad enough? Being forced into a diaper after being forced to piss myself silly? The fear and dread swept down my chest turning into arrousal as it descended to my groin. I reminded myself that Daddy owned me. He could do whatever he wanted to me whether I liked it or not. That thought only made my cunt burn hotter.

When I finished cleaning the carpet, I sat back up to find him holding the 32oz bottle of water again but screwed onto the top of it, was a baby bottle nipple. My eyes went wide as he set it down and ordered me to sit on the couch. As he tied my legs crossed legged and began duct taping my hands into fisted mittens, I pondered if he really expected me to drink more water. I had already soiled my panties, he didn't expect me to actually use the diaper too, did he???

Then he took the oversized baby bottle and proceeded in taping both of my hands to either side of it. "This is so little girl doesn't drop her bottle and make more of a mess. I know how little girls have a hard time gripping big bottles." he chided. Then taking a strip of duct tape, he cut a slit in it and placed it over my mouth. "This is so you be quiet like a good girl but are still able to drink your bottle." he said. A muffled whine escaped my covered lips. I wondered when the humiliation would end.

Just then, the doorbell rang. I swear my heart stopped. "Oh yes, little girl, I forgot to mention that I invited Jake and Kylie to come by and watch a movie with us. We had such a good time at lunch, I figured we could enjoy more time with them today. What do you think?" Daddy said, smirking. "Mmmf mmf mmfh" I managed to stutter in protest and he shushed me with a finger to my lips. "Just say 'yes daddy' like a good girl" he said. My lips quivering and tears beginning to form in my eyes, I mumbled "mmm mmm-mmm." The door bell rang again and he said "Good girl." as he got up and answered the door.

Jake and Kylie were good friends of ours and they were some of the few friends that knew about and understood our lifestyle without judging. In fact, I think in a lot of ways they were curious. And curious was definitely how I'd describe the looks on their faces as they were welcomed inside and immediately caught glimpses of me on the couch. How would most people react to finding a grown woman stark naked except for a diaper, tied up on the couch, hands taped up to a huge baby bottle, and her mouth taped mostly shut? Well I have to admit I was hoping they'd react by running away but I knew that I was not going to be so lucky.

"Well what have we here?" Jake said as he walked into the room, closer to me. "Was the little girl naughty?" he asked Daddy who replied with "Yes, very naughty. She pissed her big girl panties and made a mess on the carpet after disobeying me by not drinking any water." Kylie walked up to meet Jake, not able to take her eyes off me. "Awwww isn't the wittle girl so cute all tied up in her diedy with her bawtle!" she said to me smiling. I whimpered as more tears fell down my cheeks. My whole body was sweating and hot and my groin was the source of all the heat. "Well now she can't make a mess anymore, isn't that right princess?" Daddy asked. I slowly nodded my head.

Daddy took their attention away from me momentarily to talk about the movie they all wanted to watch and I was left in peace for a few moments. During that short conversation, Kylie would occasionally look over at me and wave her fingers at me like I was a little baby and I tried desperately to blend in with the couch.

Finally after offering them both wine, Daddy motioned for them to sit on the loveseat while he put the movie in and sat next to me on the couch. Before he started the movie, however, he told me loud enough for Jake and Kylie to hear "Ok little girl. I better see that bottle half gone before the previews are done playing. And it better be fully gone before the movie ends or you'll be in even more trouble." he said with a look on his face that meant he was very serious. I whimpered in shame. He really was going to make me soil the dreaded diaper. "And you should probably already be feeling more pressure about now anyway because that pill I gave you earlier was a diarrhetic" he said with a grin.

I had never wished for something so much in my life than to wish he was wrong but as if on cue, my bladder began to nag again. What was I going to do? Daddy wanted me to soil myself in this diaper like a helpless little girl, in front of our friends! I couldn't do this, my whole body ached with dread and I couldn't help but squirm, trying to think of some way out of this situation. But there was none.

"The previews are almost over, hunbun." Daddy said, bringing me back to reality. Alarmed that I had wasted precious time, I swung my arms up to my mouth to try to get the bottle in but failed, I couldn't quite get it in! "Does little girl need help getting her bottle into her mouth?" Kylie asked mockingly. I shamefully and tearfully nodded and she leaned over and helped open the slit in the duct tape slightly while raising my bottle (and arms with it) to my lips. She smiled at me as I started to suck the water through the bottle's nipple.

My shame was already at it's peak, only to find that the current preview was almost over and I had barely gotten any of the water down! I sucked relentlessly at the nipple , trying to get the water to come faster, all the while my bladder was protesting and I clamped my urethral muscles shut as tight as I could. Jake giggled at me and said "Wow little girl is thirsty, isn't she?" I ignored him as I tried to drink more water before the end of the preview but I wasn't going to make it. As the preview was ending, my sucking got louder and more frantic and all three of them were staring at me with the biggest grins on their faces.

The preview ended and to my relief, there was yet another preview. My whole body sighed, relieved. I was finally able to get enough of the water down before that preview finished that I could lower the bottle, breathe a little easier, and concentrate solely on clenching my cunt muscles. I could do this. I could make it through the movie without soiling the diaper. As if reading my thoughts, Daddy leaned over and produced some clover nipple clamps and after clipping one to one nipple, he strung the chain around the bottle and clipped the other end to the matching nipple. My nipples felt like they were two tiny specks of fire, burning and I hadn't even lifted the bottle back to my lips yet. This was not good.

The movie went on for what seemed like forever and I was thankful it was captivating enough to gather all of their attention, temporarily relieving me of at least some humiliation. Throughout the movie, I found myself fading off into a sort of subspace but the pain on my nipples and the burning need to relieve myself always brought me back to the present. Finally I realized I still had more to drink and the movie was almost over! I slowly lifted the bottle to my lips, wincing as the nipple clamps pulled taught by doing so. I could see Daddy watching me from the corner of his eye.

As the movie's ending music began to crescendo and the scene faded to the credits, my sucking on the bottle became frantic again and I learned that too much multitasking is too much for my body to take. Between sucking the bottle, and the burning fire on my tits, and the tightest clenching I've ever given my cunt, it was sensory and concentration overload. Something had to give and I knew it was going to be my bladder. And as soon as I thought it, it happened. I felt my groin flood with a warm wetness as I finished the bottle off and started sobbing uncontrollably.

"Awww I think somebody went peepee!" Kylie said in a baby talk voice. "Yep I see a yellow spot" Jake added and Daddy stroked my hair, saying "Good girl, you finished your bottle." I nodded, my eyes swollen and red from crying. All eyes were on me and I didn't care anymore, I nestled into Daddy as he stroked my hair and the warm wetness in my groin continued as my bladder emptied its contents within.

Daddy made small talk with Jake and Kylie for a little while longer. At some point, Daddy looked at the clock and said "Well I think its way past little girl's bedtime" and pinching his nose, he added "and I think she needs a change too." I buried my head into his shoulder to try to hide my continued embarrassment. Jake and Kylie smiled as they got up and both patted me on the head calling me a good girl. Daddy went with them to the door and when they'd left, he came over and held me tight. I sobbed into his arms again.

"There, there, princess. I'm proud of you. You took that punishment quite well and now you will get your reward." He said, picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom. He laid me on my back on the bed, with my head hanging off the side. He removed the duct tape from my mouth, and the nipple clamps, and said "Your cunt and ass are way too messy right now so your throat will have to do." Somewhere within the thick wet folds of the diaper, I felt my clit perk up and my pussy clench knowingly. As Daddy fucked my throat relentlessly I lost track of the mix of cum and piss in my diaper. All that mattered was pleasing Daddy.

When he had thoroughly used my throat and many of my own orgasms later, he held me close lying on the bed with him, wiping the tears and spit away from my face. I was an exhausted little girl and I fell asleep in his arms. Amongst his soft "good girl"s, he whispered something before I drifted off to sleep:

"Now remember next time to drink some water."


  1. It's the first time I've read a story involving ageplay. You did a great job:)!


  2. @Kitty - aww thank you! It was only my second erotica ever but I thought it was pretty fun. Daddy and I may do something similar to this sometime in the future. ;)

  3. O, wow! That was kind of intense.


  4. Great story, GB!! You are a talented writer :)

  5. @beingaisha - Thanks lol. It was interesting how it kind of morphed as I was writing it.

    @K - Thank you! =)