Saturday, December 17, 2011


Another poem for Daddy

We met early on, we both felt changed
merely causal play, you bided your time
I was so worried about getting too close
but you worried about your heart too
You were busy picking up pieces
while I explored new experiences.
I dated another while your heart broke
you hid your feelings, my heart was blind
We still grew ever closer, exploring sex
you were so wary while I jumped feet first.
We started dating, you brought me flowers
writing heartfelt words into cards
my eyes could only cry tears of joy.
I would cling to you, then step back
so used to being pushed away
but instead you drew me ever closer
whispering to me, words so good to hear.
My eyes have never known so many tears
without the sadness attached so tight
stars and hearts floating from a smile.
And even still after all that time
I'd go too far, cringing in fear
waiting for you to be overwhelmed
like so many others who left me behind
But you held me tight, said you loved me
and that you'd take care of me too.
The hurt inside from many before
spills out sometimes, baring my soul
but you're right there, arms open
with understanding eyes and willing smile.
Daddy you are my loving handsome prince
this princess' heart is truly yours.

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  1. Oh, this is just beautiful and I'm so, so happy for you both!

    Love and hugs,