Monday, July 4, 2011

Bound Again

It's dark, pitch black
but voices all around
my limbs are entangled
amidst rope and hemp
tightly bound
I can only squirm and wiggle
ever so slightly.
I'm helpless and at their mercy
why does that feel so welcoming?
They prod and laugh
and whisper in my ear
they roughly take me by my hair
and I am defenseless.
My heart is overtaken
by a torrent of bliss
giggling, whimpering, sighing
I can't help but smile
as others around me
make remarks.
It's peaceful in this place
yet exciting as well
I'm high as a kite
but even as it is undone
slowly the longing
in the depths of my soul
like a long-refused addiction
rekindles, re-sparking
the need in my loins
desire in my heart.
And now my whole body
so completely aches
to be bound again.

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